A database administrator is a person who installs, configures, updates, monitors, and maintains the databases of an organization or company. Remote DBA support allows the database administrator to be in a separate location from the company for which he or she is performing system monitoring. This means that the actual corporation that is using remote dba support may be located in Los Angeles, California, and the actual person implementing security measures and improving database performance and capacity may be in New Jersey.

A person working in DBA remote support should have a good understanding of distributed computing architecture and should have some database design skills. They will need to understand the operating system being used and will need knowledge of RDBMS and things like Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server.

Individuals will be responsible for things like installing and upgrading the server and all application tools, along with allocating system storage and planning for any future storage requirements the business may have. They are primarily in charge of establishing and maintaining the system security measures that are in place. They will enroll users who are allowed access to the database.

They will ensure that everything complies with all vendor license agreements and will be responsible for planning the backup and recovery of all information stored on the system. They keep all information archived and optimize system performance.

They are responsible for generating reports on the system, the storage capacity of the system and all other necessary documentation that the company may have. They also contact the various vendors for technical support when the system encounters a problem.

These people work under many different job titles. They are the company’s data analysts and junior database administrators. They are the mid-level database administrators and the senior database administrators within a company. Some companies refer to the employees who fill these needs as database consultants, while others call them managers or directors of database administration or information technology.

Regardless of what your employers call remote DBA support professionals, they are the people who protect all the important information that is stored. They make sure that only people with authorization to access this information can do so and they make sure that in the event of a system failure, they can recover any stored information.


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