Angel sightings have been said to come from or appear in and around many places around the world. In all shapes and sizes, a flood of sightings have been reported as “Spirits of light, light and airy, or as spirit helpers in the flesh: mysterious strangers,” writes Michael H. Brown, in his book “The Trumpet of Gabriel”.

History has recorded visions, prophecies, predictions, and punishments received by men, women, and children. They have appeared with messages while arriving with swords, wings, and other weapons. Many of them arrived when the first churches began to take shape. He arrived when Rome was under siege. It has been said that Angel also accompanied the “Black Death” in the social upheavals of Europe. Whether or not, whether or not we pay attention to his warnings or messages; Major interventions and supernatural events have been recorded and witnessed, while spiritual upheaval and coming change are inevitable. Food for Thought is the simple practice of spirituality in everyday life by everyday human beings. There has been a compensation where the spiritualist bewilderment has changed health and “Holy Spirituality” for materialism. The idolatry of money and selfishness have a price.

A man from a Philadelphia suburb posted a message on a billboard in the Oxford Valley Mall area. The board, smiley face and all, hit drivers and passengers alike right in the eye with its message. The personal request for angelic intervention read: “Will you be my angel?” The outdoor billboard overlooking the area road(s) is 20 feet by 60 feet. This fellow from Richboro is advertising a kidney donation. People in the donor program and circles of support do not approve of your methods for angelic contact. “It is a total disregard for all the people who are on waiting lists,” says the president of the organization’s “Gift of Life” program. I don’t think Mr. Smiley gets it: the most prevalent angelic message is that society must reform itself or face the consequences. The messages presented to humanity serve to warn people of all religions and denominations, especially in this time of disease, evil, war, and economic upheaval with imminent change on the horizon.

The word “Angel” means “Messenger”.

On December 10, 2010, my granddaughter, Gianni, quoted a very relaxing and touching birthday wish; quoted this psalm for me: Luke: 2:10:11 “And the angel said to them, Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy, which will be for all the people. For it has been born to you (today) in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord”.

The words of this five year old were the highlight of my birthday. The quote accompanied by a birthday wish drawn by hand with pencil and paper. The gesture warmed my soul and deeply touched my heart. The rewarding time spent with my wife and the gift from my granddaughter was the highlight and the best of all birthday gifts. The angelic presentation made me think of angels. How many times have they been present in your life… and in mine? I think on many occasions.

One has to ask… which are the good angels and which are the lying prodigies? The false prophets we were warned about – Matthew (24:11), “beginning of sorrows” – we had to be especially careful, right? Evil spirits are known to disguise themselves as angels. World leaders have espoused prophecies in the past and present. Angels can assume the appearance of a living person, taking any form they wish. They have whispered in our ears, or appeared in our dreams, or given us a subtle taste of spiritual nourishment. But most of the time, it has been said, angels remain in their invisible state. There is a film in circulation. It’s called “Legion”. The story pits “Michael” against “Gabriel” in opposition for the protection of the man. In the Jewish, Islamic, and Christian religions, Michael is a field commander in the “Army of God.” He is also described as a protector and defender of children. Gabriel is described as the Messenger of God. Archangels – Gabriel is known as the Chief of the four favored angels. Michael, Raphael and Uriel are the other three and the spirit of truth.

As Oracles of God, angels have been known to reach out and deliver divine and/or authoritative decisions and messages. They have also come to tell us when things are not right.

The Lord’s attempts to pull us back into his embrace are made abundantly clear in this passage – Amos (4:7-8): “I also withheld the rain for you, while the harvest was still three months away. city, I stopped the rain from another city – one part rained, and when it did not rain, the part dried up. So two out of three cities wandered to another city to drink water. But they were not satisfied; however, you have not returned to me “.

Another warning to bring peace to the human heart says: “One can stop wars, one can suspend the laws of nature, the tranquility of love and God.” A message to Christians: “Stop complaining about each other, there is only one mediator between God and man… it is Jesus Christ; it is up to God and God alone to judge the various religions… each person is equal before him – not in false praise, but from the heart.

It was the angels who warned about Sodom (and Gomorrah) and who gave John the book of ‘Revelation’. While the appearance of angels has always been around, their appearances were certainly on their way to a crescendo of sorts. We can protect ourselves by controlling our thoughts and actions. We must always remember the stern warning given in the Scriptures regarding “false prophets who do great wonders and signs to deceive, if possible, even the elect.”

Michael is actually much higher in rank than what is commonly thought of as an “Archangel”. He is involved as the prince of the angels and is the counterpart, the great nemesis and victor of Lucifer-(Revelation 12: 7-8). In the book of “Enoch” he is called the guardian of the people and the guardian of paradise. In Islamic scripture, according to the prophet Daniel, “the Holy Spirit will arise at the time of trouble.” The Jews invoke, both in the New and Old Testaments, Michael as the main defender of the Synagogue – Daniel (12:1).

Today, more than ever, there was never more reason to refer to this passage – “Always love your neighbor – do not neglect hospitality, because in that way some have entertained angels without knowing it” – Hebrews (13:1-2). People do not pay attention to many spiritual warnings where society is full of materialism and violence. Society has been given ample time to reform its corrupt ways. “The church once stood before the world as a witness against greed and materialism, against love of things, against self-love, against hoarding and greed. But now, the world sees the church as its greatest competitor for the “good life.” “Wall Street siphoned huge amounts of dollars out of this credit-crazed economy. It is no sin to make good money, whereas for decades the American Economic System was designed to reward those who contributed to the general public welfare.” The system was twisted to the point where thousands were making a killing on mergers that hurt to leading Americans whose employers were robbed of cash by Wall Street carnivores,” Brown quotes from Pastor David Wilkerson at Times Square Church in New York City. Those who serve and worship created things instead of the creator himself – “man cannot serve God and mammon.”

It has been said that the Devil has a huge army and is leading his army to kill souls, but his army is not as big as the Army of God, which is under Archangel Michael. The hour of Satan and his great power is the hour of darkness. Man must not glorify himself instead of God! “The Prince of Pride will be and can be defeated by humility.”

“Television has become the perverse instrument of a daily barrage of obscene images,” Gobbi said. “And it has also become another abomination: desolation. The world has become a cold and arid desert immersed in the ice of hatred and in the darkness of sin and impurity. What was once covered up is now coming out into the open. the light more and more”.

In competition with Father Stefano Gobbi, who quotes: “The spiritual battle precedes the physical; more than ever, Gabriel is at your side to give each one of you the same invincible strength as God, and Raphael cures you of the numerous wounds that you often bring upon yourselves in the great struggle in which you are engaged”. Lucifer is losing strength to remain repentant, but this is not true. Lucifer is cunning and clever. He is preparing a great deception for all of God’s creation, and especially for God’s people,” says Josyp Tereyla as he quotes the ‘Virgin Mary’ in a dream he once had.

“Three evil spirits: false religion, politics and commerce dominate many nations on Earth,” said Ukrainian activist Terelya. “He will send the son of man to his angels, and they will gather out of his kingdom all who stumble and those who practice iniquity, and will cast them into the fiery furnace.” Matthew (13:41).

For every demon there are at least two angels. They are by our side in every circumstance and will never abandon us no matter how the situations seem. We will learn the key to the heavenly love of our sisters and brothers and, most importantly, the love of God! When all seems lost, all will be saved. When the Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and other Archangels descend, they will raise their horns and in the end it will be a different planet, it will be God’s planet again and it will look like God’s creation.

Revelation is not a seven-year reign; it is rather an eternal thing. It is not the end of time but the end of an era where prophetic and apocalyptic events are taking place.

“A trial is coming!”

Until next time.


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