Auntie Anne’s is a chain of pretzel bakeries. Anne F. Beiler and her husband, Jonas, founded this in 1988, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This company serves products like complementary sauces and pretzels. The company also serves drinks like Lemonade Mixers in 5 fruity flavors and signature lemonade. It has more than 300 franchisees with more than 1,100 locations in the US and 22 other countries, including Canada, Greece, China, Mexico, Honduras, Ireland, Japan, Egypt, Hong Kong, Bahrain, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait. , Malaysia, Venezuela, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia and the United Kingdom. Its headquarters are in Pennsylvania.

The company has been franchising since 1991. Auntie Anne’s is famous for its freshly baked, hand-rolled soft pretzels. With a home baking kit, your pretzel products are available to make at home. The franchised business offers pretzel dogs, lemonade, hand-rolled soft pretzels, Dutch Ice drinks, and other beverages and food products that are prepared using specific recipes and procedures.

The franchisor does not offer direct or indirect financing. And the franchisor does not guarantee any lease, promissory note, or obligation. The franchisor provides initial training to franchisees.

Franchisees must send a minimum of 3 people for initial training per Auntie Anne’s training rule. Successful completion of all phases of the training programs is mandatory for these individuals. Before opening a franchise business, the franchisee and initial store manager are required to attend and complete the training program successfully. The training includes 100 hours of in-store and classroom training modules. A franchisee is required to work in an existing Auntie Anne location for a minimum of 40 hours per week.

For the franchised business, the contract term will expire 20 years after the opening date of a store. The franchise agreement in force at that time will be signed by the franchisee at each renewal.

The company has 1,100 units worldwide. To ensure franchisee success, Auntie Anne’s presented a corporate team that is committed to providing support with the following:

  • Legal support
  • Purchase support
  • Accounting support
  • Support record and support of information systems
  • Food science and technology support
  • Communications and public relations support
  • Creative services and marketing support
  • Site and real estate development support
  • Store operations support and business consulting

Franchise cost:

  • Franchise fee: $ 30,000
  • Lease, Security Deposits, and Utilities – $ 4,000 – $ 7,000
  • Leased premises improvements, fixtures and furnishings – $ 90,000 – $ 190,000
  • Equipment – $ 31,500 – $ 34,500
  • Business licenses and permits – $ 175 – $ 600
  • Starting Inventory – $ 3,300 – $ 4,000 • Insurance – $ 400 – $ 2,500
  • Training – $ 1,000 – $ 7,500
  • Grand Opening Advertising – $ 500 – $ 10,000
  • Signage – $ 4,000 – $ 12,000
  • Point of Sale Equipment – $ 8,000 – $ 15,000
  • Office equipment and supplies – $ 5,000 – $ 10,000
  • Professional fees – $ 5,300 – $ 10,000
  • Additional funds (3 months) – $ 15,000 – $ 51,000

TOTAL – $ 197,875 – $ 384,100

Continuous fees:

  • Royalty Fee: 7% of gross sales
  • Marketing and advertising fund: 1% of gross sales
  • Transfer fee: $ 3,000 for each transfer
  • Entity Transfer Fee: $ 1,000 for each transfer
  • Sublease Fee: $ 200 per month or as agreed by the parties
  • Lease renewal fee: $ 2,000
  • Late Payment Penalty Fee for Lease Documentation – $ 500
  • Lost Company Manuals Fee: $ 700 for each missing manual

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