You’re working diligently on your puppy’s house training, you have the dog’s crate, you take it outside at all the right intervals, but you’ll still have the inevitable urine, poop, or vomit stain that you need to clean up. You must clean these spots COMPLETELY or else the puppy will come back and stain the same spot again. A dog’s nose is more than 10,000 times more sensitive than a human’s, so if any residual odor remains from the original stain, it will smell it. This is especially true if they’ve gotten dirty in their dog crate because that’s a place you DON’T want them to go to.

I’ll share with you what works for me to clean carpet stains. My favorite stain / odor remover is Nature’s Miracle (an enzymatic cleaner). I’m sure other people trust other products. I would buy Nature’s Miracle in the 55 gallon drum if it came that way. And with all the cats and dogs we’ve had over the years (with carpets in every room, including the bathroom and kitchen), we’ve given cleaning products a tough job.

To clean urine stains from carpet while they are still wet: Get a clean towel folded in half and place it over the wet stain. Stand on the towel to absorb as much of the liquid as possible. Move a dry section of the towel over the wet stain and repeat, continuing until no more liquid comes out. Next, pour Nature’s Miracle directly onto the wet stain and make sure there is enough there to soak it as deeply as the original urine. Let sit for 10-15 minutes and, using a second clean towel, use the towel method above to remove as much of the liquid as you can. Then let the rug complete the drying process naturally.

To clean urine stains from dry carpets: Same as wet, except skip step 1 and allow Nature’s Miracle to soak for 30 minutes before drying.

To clean up solid waste and dried vomit: First, remove as much of the solid material as possible and discard it. This may mean scraping the carpet a bit with a spoon or putty knife. Then for some Nature’s Miracle on the carpet. You don’t need to soak it up as well as you did urine, unless the vomit contains a lot of liquid, but make sure the surface of the rug is wet with the cleaning solution. Using a towel or a small brush or sponge, gently scrub the surface if there is solid material or discoloration on the surface of the carpet. Now use a clean towel and the drying method mentioned above to extract as much liquid from the carpet as you can and then let the carpet dry naturally. If any discoloration remains, you may need to repeat this process a second time.

If your pup has gotten dirty in your dog’s crate, be sure to clean it thoroughly as well. Any odors or stains remaining in the dog’s crate will cause the dog crate to re-dirty, defeating the purpose of the crate training.

Be sure to wash the towels you use to clean these stains separately with plenty of laundry soap and put some Nature’s Miracle in the washing machine to remove all traces of odors from your towels. I have separate towels that I use only for dog accident cleanups and muddy paws coming from the yard.


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