College football picks up reports that he was fired, but he was excellent at football. He has captivated a lot through his skills and charisma. On the field, he was a very responsible sportsman and now he is ready to start another season of his life with the Fighting Irish.

The NCAAF pundit picks out inside reports that Everett Golson, the Notre Dame quarterback, will restart with the Fighting Irish this spring. Golson was suspended in May by the Irish for “bad academic judgment” for the 2013 season. Golson told a WPDE television station in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: “I’ll be back in the spring, that’s all.” He was present at a charity basketball tournament when he said so.

The Free Weekly College Football Picks reports that Golson had started “one less than a dozen” games for the Fighting Irish last year as a redshirt freshman. He was the team leader at the Discover BCS National Championship, where it was defeated by Alabama to finish a season 12-1. “I’ve been training, keeping my head up,” Golson said. His leadership skills were highly appreciated by analysts during that time.

A college football pundit picks out a reviewer who reports, “I had a little bit of adversity, but I learned that you can’t sit back and just take that, you have to get up and move on and keep doing what you were doing and it’s going to be okay.” in the end”. This came pretty early and everyone associated with college football believes the quarterback is in really good shape. He will be very well received once he shows the caliber of him on the field.

The Weekly College Football Expert reports that Golson passed 187 of 318 for 2,405 yards and 12 touchdowns with six interceptions last year. He had also rushed for 298 yards and six touchdowns. His performance was satisfactory and he played with extreme energy and quick changes, as Notre Dame was very happy to see their player play with such enthusiasm.

The NCAAF Weekly Pick Insider reports that Golson will return in the spring after serving his suspended time, but in the meantime, Tommy Rees will start for Notre Dame this season, which was confirmed by coach Brian Kelly. Rees has 403 career completions from 603 attempts that included 4,413 passing yards, 34 touchdowns and 24 interceptions. Rees was used in special situations last season to get a first down or score a passing touchdown so Notre Dame is in good hands, though he will lose some explosiveness on offense for the 2013 season.


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