As a contractor, if you don’t have a direct response system in place, you’re leaving cash on the table. For absolutely every contact you have with anyone who might be a prospect or might even know someone one day who might need your services, YOU NEED A DIRECT RESPONSE SYSTEM OR YOU’RE MISSING THE BOAT.

What is the “direct answer” you ask? It’s pretty simple. You have to have a valuable offer and a specific call to action. The worst mistake most contractors make is handing new prospects their business card and then just crossing their fingers. If you haven’t noticed: Business cards and other marketing materials are very easy to ignore, lose, and throw away. And websites are even easier to escape. Just click, right?

This is true unless you have a killer direct response OFFER and CALL TO ACTION. This works so well it’s ridiculous. And it’s so simple. However, few construction companies use it. I don’t know why I just threw my hands on it. For example, a free report could be your offer. Then you could have more products and services available for sale to people who want more of what you have to offer.

Your call to action? Ask people to join your email list for more valuable information. Can you do a free report? Sure. Are there other options that might work better for a construction company? The possibilities are endless.

Let me share some examples of direct response techniques that have worked in the past:

A builder I know has been offering a free hot tub with the purchase of a new home. This may sound like an expensive method. But the cost of this method can be justified by incorporating part of it into the cost of the house.

There are also some high-impact, inexpensive methods you can use to create a compelling offer. Personally, I use an offer for a free report full of information. I advertise this report on my business card, my website, and any other publication or marketing piece that reaches my target prospect.

One area of ​​marketing where this works very well is direct mail. With direct mail, depending on your goals and costs, you should aim for at least a 5% to 10% response. This means that for every 100 letters or postcards you send, you receive 5 to 10 phone calls. For the typical construction company, a 5% to 10% response rate would be very effective and make direct mail a worthwhile endeavor for your company. It is possible, with good writing and a great call to action, to get a response rate of 20% or more!

Using an offer and call to action in your direct mail piece can mean the difference between not responding and a response that will give you enough projects to keep you busy for months.


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