Many people simply use the same hardware for their drawers that they use for their cabinets. When the drawers are in the china cabinet in the bedroom or dining room, it is not common to change the ones that come with them. When redecorating, don’t forget that you can create a new look simply by changing the handles and knobs to match the new d├ęcor.

If you are changing a child’s room to a more grown-up look, as they transition from toddlers to school-age children, you may want to give the room a more grown-up look that can easily transition into adolescence. For a child’s room, you may want to choose the colors blue and green. The good news is that there are drawer pulls in many variations of these colors that are also made from stone and other materials. Use more feminine colors when decorating a girl’s room like lilac or peach.

For an office or den, you can opt for classic stainless steel or brushed nickel knobs to give the office a more professional look. Those looking for a more traditional slant can also use plain wood drawer pulls. Move the office into a more modern feel by adding granite or brightly colored drawer pulls to match the paint on the cabinets and drawers.

When you’re remodeling a kitchen, you may have chosen the very popular granite or stone countertops that come in many different designs and colors. The good news is that there are also matching drawer pulls for these countertops. How great will the kitchen look when the drawer pulls are tied right in with the cabinets like this? Another advantage of these granite and stone drawer pulls is that they come in many different shapes so you can really get the perfect look that you want.

Those who want to remodel their home should not forget the little details like the drawer handle. This small change can transform an attractive room into a great looking room. It’s the little details that really make the difference in any room. Leaving out the little details is going to create a room that seems unfinished. Contrasting colors can be more dramatic than monochrome designs. Choose what is right for you and what matches the personality of the room.


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