My dog ​​is one of the cutest little puppies I know. He is a 13 pound Shih Tzu who is very easy going and easy going. Although she is only seven months old, she is quickly becoming inclined to read the body language and English language that is part of our daily lives at home. For example, when I tell kids “It’s time to go,” Wiggles (that’s his name) knows exactly what I’m saying. He runs to the part of the hallway that leads to the front door and eagerly awaits our ride to the door. When he sees us approaching and understands us correctly, he runs to the front door and beats us there. You do not want to miss the opportunity to go with us.

On the other hand, when I say “Wiggles, you need a bath,” he has a slightly different reaction. He looks at me strangely, as if he wants me to confirm what he thought he just heard me say. So I’m like, “Come on, Wiggles, let’s go take a bath.” He gets the look on his face that is indescribable. If I could translate her look, she’d be saying “Uh-Oh, this isn’t what I had in mind for today.” He then curls up into a ball under the table hoping she can’t reach him. I can always

So what is it about a bathroom that Wiggles doesn’t like? I wish you could tell me. I mean, I buy him a premium shampoo that smells like a pina colada, wrap him in a warm towel, and then pat him dry. He barks at me and runs around in circles until he finally turns off the dryer and I finish brushing him.

And then one day I decided to ask Wiggles, “What don’t you like about bath time?” And this is what he told me.

Dogs love to roll around in the dirt. They like to play with the stinkiest smells, and they have the most fun digging in the dirt, making it fly 3 feet behind them. They love to get wet and trample them through the mud. Something about these things makes them feel more like a dog. Then when it’s time to take a bath, he’s fine with that. But there are a few things I would change (if I could choose).

First, Wiggles said, he would prefer to bathe in water that is about 85 degrees. A personal tub would also make you feel warm and fuzzy all over. So, in other words, no human bath ever filled with water. Second, Wiggles is like a mild shampoo, one that won’t dry out your skin or make it itchy the next day. That drives him crazy!! If Wiggles had his preferences, he would love to cut his hair a bit or trim it down to make it look good for his friends and himself when he walks past a mirror but doesn’t recognize who he’s looking at. And finally, a hair dryer should be set to a lukewarm temperature, not hot. The hot air from a hair dryer can burn your skin and that’s why you run away from me.

Simply put, the right dog grooming equipment is essential to making bath time enjoyable for your dog. Take a look at some websites that offer simple tools that will make dog care easy for you and Wiggles.


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