Solomon wants to add that there are more reasons for his proverbs. He wants to tell the average or less than average person, the simple man can learn and take good instruction from his words. And for the young, when we all need knowledge and discretion, these words from this book can guide them. Let me share with you…


4 To warn the simple,

To the young knowledge and discretion.

Now, in the online dictionary it says that prudence is:


1. the quality or fact of being careful.
2. caution regarding practical matters; discretion.
3. respect for one’s own interests.
4. take care of resource management; economy; frugality

Solomon wants us to know that if we spend enough time on the book he has written, we will be able to eat our life and resources with caution and make the right decisions. He wants us to know that even if we are simple people, his instructions here in his writings to follow in the book will guide us through life and protect us in the affairs of life.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the answers to life and get things straight? Well, the King says that’s why he wrote this for us! I wonder how many people spend time trying to make life decisions based on this book and understanding of this book. Knowing this book from cover to cover and having the meaning in our hearts and the wisdom to follow his advice in all these things that he is going to talk about means that our life will be more effective and will show us how to be even richer and happier.

Wouldn’t it be great if these simple reflections I’m writing were handed out as a text to all the young people in school and studied like a textbook? It would be great? Youth these days certainly need a good touch of wisdom in a life in a world where sin is so easy.

There is a dual purpose for me and my co-author in writing this series, and as we write and share, the Lord teaches us as He speaks through us, and the reason I write is to open up the words to the simple to they could get more information about what could be difficult to understand. One of my callings in God is to be a teacher and that is why it is with great love that I sit down to write the best words I can.


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