Staging is an essential and profitable part of the home sales process. Organizing your home to show off its qualities can only increase its final sale price. On average, people receive a $ 2 increase in the sales price for every $ 1 they invest in setting up a house.

When preparing your home for sale, there are five golden rules to keep in mind as you go through each room in your home.

Five golden rules:


The buyer must imagine himself in the house, not you. That wedding photo may mean a lot to you, but the buyer is a distraction preventing you from seeing a home for your family.


Order and maximize the space in your home. Cramped closets with all your clothes make a place lacking in closet space. Consider temporarily storing the overflow off-site.


This rule of thumb is the easiest and cheapest way to organize your home: clean it up. A sink full of dirty dishes is just as unpleasant for you as it is for the buyer. It is worth the effort in cleaning floors, walls, baseboards, ceiling fans and windows.


Unless your home has built-in items from an exceptional period, all homes could benefit from some renovations. If someone feels that the house is dated, they will reflect that sentiment in a lower offer. Consider some simple changes like swapping expensive accessories for nickel or chrome.


Color can make or break a buyer’s interest in your home. You might love that shocking red wall, but all the potential buyer sees is a lot of paint in his future due to red clashes with his style. Image is one of the cheapest ways to change the look of a home.

Bonus Tips


Clear cabinets of unnecessary clutter and organize them to maximize the amount of open storage space you are showing potential buyers. Use boxes stacked together to keep up and hide clutter.

Use Matching Hangers for Clothes – Hooks are inexpensive, so splurging on higher quality is inexpensive, so celebrating with higher-quality hangers to replace free wire hangers from the dry cleaner will modernize your closets with visual impact and a more luxurious feeling.


A quick and inexpensive way to enhance the appeal of your bedroom is to use gender neutral colors when touching up paint jobs and reattaching accessories for the broadest possible appeal. Coordinate color where possible with bedspreads, walls, curtains, etc. They should have a clear theme for their colors if possible.


If the walls are dirty, spray them with a standard spray bottle filled with a mixture of one part bleach and one part water, then apply a new coat of paint.

Clean countertops of everything but the essentials to make the space appear more open and expansive.

Kitchen room

Modernize your outdated cabinets; they can be touched up for less than $ 200 with a coat of new wood stain or even a good coat of sanding paint. Replacing brass or wood cabinet hardware with brushed silver or stainless steel is also an effective way to update outdated cabinets.


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