I have been reading reviews and testimonials from people who have various insurance plans. Some are tragedies while others are triumphs. Some are irrational and others are lucid. Some blame while others give excited cheers. The key to all of this is that there is no middle ground. The reviews or testimonials show an utter disregard for the insurance company or are delighted with their insurance company. Why is this?

There are several different reasons we can explore:

First, the person did not read or understand the policy.

One of the biggest problems is that people don’t read your policy carefully. They make assumptions, they decide they’ll read it later, but they never do. When they think they have a claim, they don’t read their policy to confirm their claim. They also don’t call the insurance company to determine if they are covered. Another problem is that the person reads the policy, but does not understand it and then does not seek clarification from his agent or the insurance company’s call center or website. The fact that the insured does not read and understand his policy and makes assumptions without seeking clarification is the main reason for complaints.

Second, they had an inexperienced or misinformed insurance agent.

Not all agents are the same. A knowledgeable and experienced career agent knows what the policy will and will not do and can explain the policy clearly and concisely. An experienced agent knows the right questions to ask, they are in business to help people and not just to make money. An experienced agent can answer her questions or knows who to call to get her answers and does so in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of new agents, or agents in it for the money who don’t know the answers or where to get them, or just don’t care. Get to know your agent before you sign. Ask them who they go to for answers. Find out what kind of person she is and her personal interests. Call your supervisor if you have questions or concerns. Discover the motivations and knowledge base of the agents. Reputable inexperienced agents need people who trust them so they can gain experience, but take the time to minimize your risk by using the tips I mentioned.

Third, they had an inexperienced call center representative.

Call centers have the same problems as many other businesses. They may have new employees who lack the experience to serve you properly. Again, just like inexperienced agents, call center reps need people to trust them so they too can gain experience. If you question the knowledge or skills of the call center representative, politely ask to speak to your supervisor. That way you can get more definitive answers and help that inexperienced rep by creating a learning experience for them.

Fourth, you should know that insurance is a team effort.

When something goes wrong and you discover that something you thought was covered isn’t covered, don’t play the blame game. It doesn’t matter that he didn’t read the policy or that his agent forgot to tell him something about his policy, or that the agency isn’t paying his claim on what I would say is a technicality. What matters is what you do with this information. Did you learn anything from the experience? Are you better equipped to get what you need from your insurance next time? What can you do to make sure you have the insurance coverage you need? What can you do to make sure your next claim goes smoothly? We all make mistakes, but it’s what we do with that mistake that counts. Learn and grow from mistakes and leave the blame game to those who just want to complain.

Know your policy!

When you get a new device, you read the instructions to make sure you know how it works. It’s the same with insurance. Knowing how your policy works, what it covers, what it doesn’t cover, how to file claims, and when to file claims will help you get what you want from your policy. This starts even before you sign your application. Don’t sign unless it covers all your needs and at a price you can afford. Then review the entire policy at least once a year and ask yourself these questions. Does this policy still meet my insurance needs? Do I know what is covered and what is not covered? Do I know who to call if I have questions? Do I know how to file a claim? Has my agent talked to me at any point this year to check on me and make sure my needs are still being met? If you can answer all of these questions, you’re in good shape, if you can’t, you should call your agent, contact the call center, or check the agencies website for answers. I hope this information helps you.


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