Everyone has intuition, an inherent ability to obtain extended information about people, places, things, and situations, without using logic, the physical senses, or prior knowledge. At different times in your life, your intuition whispers and shouts warnings about harmful actions and dangerous events, through seven intuitive senses:

  1. Intuitive vision is the ability to see images that blink, stop, or rotate in your mind’s eye and “in space”, in visions and dreams, without using your physical eyes.
  2. Intuitive feeling is the ability to perceive information within your body, through feelings and sensations, without external stimuli.
  3. Intuitive hearing is the ability to hear sounds in your temporal lobes, inner ear, heart, and “in space,” without using your physical ears.
  4. Intuitive knowledge is the ability to know information, without knowing how.
  5. Intuitive taste is the ability to taste substances, without putting anything in your mouth.
  6. Intuitive smell is the ability to smell aromas, in your inner nose and “in space”, without using your physical nose.
  7. Intuitive speech is the ability to say abrupt and insightful sayings, without thinking about what to say.

These senses independently or jointly communicate the following warnings and strategies to guide and protect you, and allow you to reap the benefits of trusting your intuition.

  1. Intuition advises avoiding certain foods, even if you’ve eaten them your entire life. Give it up and avoid indigestion, allergic reaction, or contamination.
  2. The slow view shows that you should drink a glass of water, even though you are not thirsty. Drink water and eliminate imperceptible dehydration.
  3. The damp smell reveals that the weather will be opposite to the sunny predictions of the meteorologists. Grab your umbrella or raincoat and stay dry.
  4. Body pressure indicates turning right at an intersection, rather than going straight. Turn around and avoid traffic congestion or time-consuming vehicle accidents.
  5. The feeling of resistance informs that your opinion is not given during a friendly conversation. Stay quiet and avoid a misunderstanding or an argument.
  6. Knowing suddenly to slow down your vehicle. Slow down and avoid hitting a running child, a running animal, or flying road debris.
  7. The feeling of caution indicates driving below the speed limit. Observe posted signs and steer clear of getting a speeding ticket from an undercover police officer.
  8. An abrupt saying spills from your mouth. “I should back up the files on my computer,” he jokes. Back up your files so you are not disturbed by thumbnails or hard drive crashes.
  9. The foul smell reveals that a smiling co-worker is trying to sabotage your career. Launch a secret campaign to thwart their efforts.
  10. The chorus of a song repeats in your head and points to an unsolved relationship problem. Address the problem before it explodes in public or private.
  11. Unpleasant vibrations inform about a deceptive person you meet for the first time. Say hello and goodbye so you don’t get into their trouble.
  12. Your inner voice advises you to keep the keys to your house. Keep the keys to warn they are lost.
  13. Suddenly knowing that you must save your extra money while shopping in stores. Buy only the essentials and have money available to pay unexpected bills.
  14. Shaking sensations indicate that a stranger’s peaceful-looking dog will attack you. Keep a safe distance to avoid scratches and bites.
  15. Show flashing vision to monitor your steps. Be careful where you walk and avoid falling on a slippery floor, torn carpet, or cracked pavement.
  16. Sour taste indicates that a relative will not keep a promise to help you move furniture. Develop Plan B with a trusted person.
  17. Rolling Vision shows that your latest idea falls into the same useless pit of past ideas. Try again using your instincts.
  18. The morning dream shows cunning thieves stealing your invention. Lose the bad reputation of the company that builds or markets your invention and find a reputable one.
  19. The feeling of unease arises when you think about your health, even though you feel fine. Visit a doctor and get a full checkup.
  20. The gnawing feeling stresses checking your credit reports. Check the reports to make sure there are no account errors or identity theft.
  21. A hunch indicates that you will be late for work if you get out of bed at the usual time. Get up 15 to 30 minutes early to avoid traffic or home incidents that cause a late arrival.
  22. An abrupt saying spills from your mouth. “I should sign up for that class before it’s too late,” you say. Take the class and use your new knowledge in surprising ways.
  23. The fiery scent emphasizes that unruly in-laws will pay an unexpected visit. Close the curtains, turn off the television, and pretend you’re not home. Never give them the key to the front door.
  24. The spicy flavor tells you to avoid answering the ringing phone, whether you look at the caller ID. Let voicemail activate and avoid talking to a friend whose troubles will ruin your day.
  25. The bitter taste indicates that you plan to bet on the wrong team to win a sports competition. Bet on the opponent or keep your money.
  26. Anxiety means avoiding a financial investment. Let it slide and outsmart a scam.
  27. Pushing the feeling underlines the search for a new job. Update your resume and find another job or start your own business, to avoid a layoff or layoff. If a severance package expires, wait until you are fired while you explore other job opportunities.
  28. Knowing suddenly to cancel a date or marry someone, no matter how long you’ve known them. Cancel, discern the reason, and ease the heartache.
  29. The bells ringing in your ears indicate that you need to check on a family member. Call or visit to check on your well-being.
  30. The creepy feeling means that a criminal has stopped you and asked for directions to deflect your defense. Back off and flee the scene.
  31. The angelic voice prompts you to worry about handling kitchen knives while preparing meals. Take care to avoid cuts.
  32. Your inner voice screams that you stay away from your residence, although everything seems normal. Stay outside, call the police, and thwart an intruder attack.
  33. The night dream shows that a natural disaster will affect your area. Investigate reinforced structures to protect your family, at home or elsewhere.


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