You can eat healthier by cutting out as many unhealthy foods as possible from your diet, leaving behind all the sweets and cookies, and no more snacking in your mouth from now on.

By replacing this with healthy snacks like unsalted nuts and vegetables and fruits, you lose weight in a healthy way and you don’t have to feel hungry.

Now of course there are different foods that help you lose weight. Did you know that green tea is an example of this?

healthy tea

Losing weight through tea, doesn’t that sound great? If you are not a fan of tea but want to lose more weight, there are enough tips in this article to keep drinking more green tea.

Of course it is not the solution to lose weight, this requires more than just drinking the tea. However, it helps tremendously if you now replace beverages like soda or lemonade with green tea.

it is very healthy

It is a tea that has many healthy functions. In Europe, it is still a fairly new tea, while in Asian countries it has been popular for centuries.

Many Asians drink tea during dinner. In Europe, people drink more black tea and tea with different flavors. Green tea is becoming more and more popular as we learn more about the different effects of this tea on health.

Studies show that green tea:

  • Relieves pain and stress.

  • It contains antibacterial functions, protects against cancer and protects against fungi.

  • Protects against various ailments and disorders.

  • Reduces the effects of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases the effect of good cholesterol (HDL).

  • Get your metabolism going.

  • It contains a substance (ECGC) that ensures that fat is converted into energy, which helps in weight loss.

  • It has a preventive effect against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

  • Resistance strengthens and helps against colds.

  • Nighttime sleep is promoted by L-theanine.

These are a number of reasons that prove that this tea is healthy. Not only is it good for your overall stamina but it also helps you lose weight. It is good to know that this tea contains a small amount of theine.

Theine has a stimulating effect, as does caffeine. A cup of green tea contains on average 30 to 45 mg of theine, compared to a cup of coffee, this is much lower. An average cup of coffee contains 90 to 150 mg of theine.

How many cups do you drink a day?

Now that you know green tea is healthy, you’ll naturally want to drink your first cup today. But how many cups of green tea do you need to drink a day to take advantage of all these benefits?

My advice is that you can drink a maximum of 3 to 4 cups of green tea a day. So you get enough active substances to take advantage of this healthy tea.

It is possible to drink more cups per day but do not drink more than 10 cups per day. Due to the amount of theine in their tea, it is not recommended to drink too much of it.

To enjoy this healthy tea, it is important that you prepare it the right way. Can you do this wrong? Certainly, it is known by many people for its bitter taste.

That’s because you put the tea bag in boiling water. To make green tea you have to let the water cool. Allow the water to cool to around 80 degrees. Then you put the tea bag in the water and let it steep for 3-4 minutes.

Is green tea not tasty?

You may have drunk green tea and found the taste bitter. You may not have allowed the water to cool down and the tea tasted strong.

If you don’t like its taste, today there are quite a few alternatives to which an extra flavor is added.

Some tea manufacturing companies have lemon green tea and there are also different varieties with jasmine or other flavor additions. It is a matter of taste which tea suits you best.

If you are not used to drinking it, it is a matter of getting used to it. Then always start with a green tea with lemon or another addition.

That’s the easiest way to make this part of your daily diet. So try to take a few moments a day to drink your tea. Do this at breakfast, lunch, and in the late afternoon.


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