Parties can take place anywhere. You can have a party at home, rent a room or room, run a gallery, or for something really fun you can move the party outside and have a picnic party!

Picnics are fun for a party idea because they can accommodate as many or as few people as you like. There’s the romantic picnic for two gatherings that can’t really be classified as a party, but take that idea and blow it up and you’ll get it.

All you need for a picnic party is a wide open space. A public park, a big backyard, or a field somewhere are great places and the best part is that guests can bring their own fun. People can bring bikes, bubbles, balls, gloves, horseshoes, and other diversions, and you can even put up a net or two and play volleyball on the go.

If you really want to have a picnic, you can make your party a lucky affair, or you can even have it catered for. Food machines like nachos and / or hot dogs, ice cream carts on wheels, even things like popcorn and cotton candy machines are great additions to your party and allow your guests to serve themselves. at dedicated food stations.

If you want to be fancier, typical picnic food like cheeses, crackers, fancy sandwiches, and wine (although you’ll have to check local statutes if you want to bring alcohol to a public park) will allow you to relax, sit back, and take in the natural views.

If children are attending, you may want to hire a face painter or magician, but for more fun, why not rent a bouncy castle or two? They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are fun for kids of all ages. If you have a large space, you have a great place to have fun!

One of the best things about a picnic party is that you don’t have to worry about seating your guests. A picnic suggests a blanket spread out on the floor, not a fancy hand-set table with matching centerpieces and silverware. So grab that picnic basket, checkered tablecloth, and blankets and go out and have some fun at the picnic, whether you’re sharing the fun with just a few or many, it’s sure to be a blast!


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