Over the last few years, Sony has mastered the art of media integration. The PlayStation 3 “Control Panel” has a very simple layout with tabs for everything; like web browsing, photos, music, videos, as well as (the reason to buy this console) games and online gaming services. It’s very easy to navigate and has outdone the competition by allowing you to play online for free, unlike X-Box 360.

The game on the PlayStation 3 is remarkable. With hundreds of titles, it would be hard not to find at least one that you fall in love with. The video game that I would have to say “go buy it now” would be Call of Duty- Black Ops. It’s a top-tier game, with tons of campaigns and a great online platform. Once I started playing it, I just couldn’t put it down. Additionally, the Move motion controller, which is also available separately (est. $50), is receiving positive initial reviews, with experts saying it’s much more accurate than the remote that comes with the Wii.

Apart from playing games, there are still other benefits that one should consider. One of the best features PlayStation 3 has brought to the table is the Blu-Ray player; makes the picture amazing on an HD-TV when combined with the HDMI output. Additional features are a large 250-300 Gigabyte hard drive, so you can download media from all your favorite sites. The PlayStation 3 can also stream movies from Netflix, and support for Hulu Plus will be added.

In conclusion, I must say that PlayStation has the upper hand in the world of video game consoles and I would insist that it is a must-have product for anyone who appreciates great graphics and even better gameplay.


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