Extranormal type spontaneous combustion is a phenomenon in which humans, animals or objects, which are not easily flammable, appear to start burning by themselves and sometimes burn almost completely. It also often seems to happen through an internal energy. Nearby flammable objects, or even the person’s fabrics, often do not catch fire, which is often portrayed as mysterious.

The phenomenon is highly controversial. It is true, however, that dead people or animals are sometimes found in a badly burned state, with no apparent external heat source.

Sometimes people, animals, and objects have been seen to start burning spontaneously, or people have experienced it and can tell for themselves. In these cases, the fire usually has a violent and dramatic aspect. But in most of these cases, the fire has stopped on its own or been put out, and most of them have resulted in only minor superficial injuries, but some have been fatal because vital organs have been injured.

Cases of animal skins spontaneously catching fire are numerous, but in most of these cases the fire is put out before the animal is seriously injured.


Most of the victims of the phenomenon are elderly, overweight and in poor health. They often live alone and are often heavy smokers or alcoholics. Therefore, they are those people who are likely to handle heat sources carelessly. Since fat contains a lot of energy, overweight people have more substance in their body to fuel the fire.

One property of these phenomena is easy to understand. If a human or animal body is burning due to energy from inside or outside, a lot of water is vaporized, which will make it difficult for the surroundings to catch fire, which explains why clothes or other nearby objects often do not burn surprisingly.

In all the well-documented cases where a person has been seen to suddenly start to burn, it has been proven that the fire started from the outside, despite the myth that the fire started from the inside. There’s a story from the US where a woman seemed to be spontaneously breathing out a raging fire, coming out of her insides, coming out of her mouth. The fire was put out, but she died after a few days. But examination at the hospital revealed that the fire was on her face around her mouth and that she died from lung inflammation, caused by the fire material she inhaled.


In many cases, the wick effect is given as an explanation. If any part of the clothing catches fire from a small fire source, such as a cigarette ember, the skin underneath can be heated so that the molten grease percolates out and the dry clothing or skin absorbs the grease like a wick. The fat that is constantly coming out will be burned and other body parts on the spot will burn with it. This slow release of burning material will continue until much of the body is consumed if the person loses consciousness for any reason.

Often some of the clothing or pieces of furniture that the person is placed on are made of highly flammable material, and it often appears that a strong fire has started in that material and then spread to the person , and then the process could continue with the mecha effect.

Usually, there will also be a chimney effect where fresh air will be sucked into the fire area and used air will rise to the ceiling, keeping the fire burning.


Microwave radiation from some natural or technical source may have provided the energy for the process in some cases. Electrical currents drawn from an overloaded or defective network can cause a fire where it passes, and if this happens to a person, the person can be knocked out and a continuous burning process can begin due to the current or the effect of the wick.

Ball lightning is probably involved in some cases. Lightning has often been seen attached to objects and sometimes humans as a result of a fire or explosion. In witnessed cases the fire has gone out before serious damage has been done or stopped on its own. But in some unwitnessed cases, the fire could have continued due to the wick effect, and some lightning balls can contain enough energy to cause extensive burns as well.

Continuous electrical currents from the ground into the atmosphere have been observed, often inside houses as well, actually a type of slow lightning. These rarely do any damage, but if they pass through a person they can knock them out and the current can become strong enough to cause burns on its own or a fire that otherwise continues.

There is a story from Norway where two people sitting at each end of a sofa in a country house witnessed such a current, which looked like a flame, coming out from the middle of the sofa. Nothing was injured, but if a person had sat in the middle of the sofa, he could have conducted this current which could possibly become intense enough to cause burns.

If there is any bacteriological or metabolic process in the body that produces highly flammable volatile compounds, such as methane or ethane, and these dissolve in body fat and fatty secretions, and accumulate for a long time, on the surface of the body and much of the interior can become intensely flammable. Some ignition source outside can easily start a fire, and the fire will soon dig a deeper hole from which hydrocarbons and grease will vaporize and burn like a torch. Some witnessed cases of parts of a person’s body suddenly catching fire could be due to this mechanism.

Some theorize that the brain may trigger a runaway metabolic process that heats up the body so that it begins to burn. But such a metabolic process would cause combustion to start from within if that were the main source of energy, which never seems to happen, claims notwithstanding. Therefore, this explanation is unlikely.

There is a theory that some kind of internal nuclear reaction may cause the phenomenon, perhaps some kind of cold fusion. The problem with this explanation is also that it would cause the burning to start from the inside, which never really seems to happen.

Yet another theory is that internal psychological or psychic energy, chi or kundanlini, also released by some control process in the brain or mind, can consume the body. There really does seem to be some evidence that such energy can start fires in the surrounding area, and some people seem to be able to start fires this way, on purpose or uncontrollably. But again, such mystical energies should be able to start the process from within, if they were the source of the energy. Also, the energy released in this way always appears to be very small, and can light an object, such as a sheet of paper, only when focused.

Perhaps, however, these three mechanisms mentioned can heat spots on the skin, due to an optical focus of the energy released, to a temperature at which the spot begins to burn, and then continues to burn due to the wick effect or other external processes. .


However, there is still another very scary explanation that we unfortunately have to consider for some cases:

Some of the offerings for spontaneous human combustion may be guinea pigs for experiments with microwave or laser weapons, and some societies may use such weapons to get rid of people the authorities don’t want there.

We know that microwave crowd control weapons exist, and we know that some variants are already used by police forces for crowd control, but usually only to cause extremely unpleasant heat. Probably these weapons can also be used in a much stronger mode that sets a person on fire.

Military laboratories can use selected people as test objects and prefer to choose people who are in a socially weak condition. Such evidence may be the cause of some of the cases of human, animal or object spontaneous combustion that we read about in the media or some amazing forest fires.


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