I received an urgent call from my doctor.
come immediately
You just received the results of the MRI.
and tissue sample biopsy.
I have been coughing a lot, the doctor and my wife say:
“Smoking must be stopped!”
I said, “Doc, quit smoking?
“You have to be kidding!
To which the doctor replied: “Smoking is a deadly habit.”

“You said you could handle it, so go ahead and leave it.”
My response was, “I can cut down on cigarettes, but I can’t stop.
I can not live without him!”
Yes, yes, I know it’s a deadly habit.
But I will continue to buy my cigarettes.
until i break
it does not matter the price
I won’t think twice

Nicotine makes me a little sick
I said I could handle it, but I still can’t give up
I lack the strength, the power to resist it!”
It all started with a couple of long puffs.
then the cigarette habit took hold of me,
You know, the stress of the day,
frustrations with people, the urge got the best of me!”

Sure when I was fourteen and full of spirit
the tuxedo made me look cool, tough and manly
Now, forty years later, nicotine addiction
has become toxic, expensive and ugly
I know that the more I smoke, my lungs will deteriorate
So I guess I won’t live to see another birthday.

That damn nicotine!
Not only my body craves it
But I can’t stop thinking about it!
I’ve done all I can do
believe it or not it’s true
So getting rid of this tobacco addiction will not be easy for me.
because I have become a slave to this custom
That I know will send me to my grave.

Yeah it’s my choice, my body, do what I please
and I know that this will eventually lead to heart disease.
Somehow this may seem silly to you,
So don’t worry about what I choose to do
It just doesn’t do any good
Why try to make an excuse?

Quitting will feel terrible
Unbearable side effects
I am always irritable, anxious and shaky.
Even my head is confused and crazy
I’m no stranger to the miseries of addiction
that only adds to my present affliction

tobacco smoke makes my hair and clothes smell bad
I can’t even make a girl wink at me
I keep my lips shut because I hate showing my yellow teeth.
My wife says my breath smells bad and my skin smells
She complains about the smell in the house and that the walls feel sticky.
Your persistent scolding is driving me crazy
So the doctor finally interrupted: “To begin with, let me say,
At the risk of repeating
So I said, “Hey doctor, have you found
a cure for my sweet addiction?”

Responding, he said, “Billy, don’t be so sarcastic
His condition is severely drastic.
the results of the MRI and tissue biopsy
has confirmed that you will soon die,
Here are the images that do not link.

You have advanced lung and throat cancer,
and it’s metastasizing
It will end your life in a way
which is painfully agonizing
surely your children have already witnessed
your panic of increasing shortness of breath
provoked by his contempt and imprudence
Hearing the news, I was stunned with disbelief
Is this the only answer to find relief?

My head started spinning
my forehead covered with cold sweat
I don’t know how long I was frozen
after hearing this sudden statement.
So I said “Doc, that scared me, and when I’m scared
I need a cigarette
Got the shakes now, making me cough
And it’s drowning me.

The Doctor added, “I warned you, Billy,
and again
You refused to listen, and you refused to bend
You argue against everything I have to say
Just to prove a point in getting away with it.
I looked at him and without saying a word
I walked out the door
I just wasn’t in the mood
to hear something else

He said “I’m going to die, I know
I’ve pissed everyone off
So leave my wife and kids alone
I guess they won’t miss me
I went to bed and had my usual nicotine attack,
Hands shaking, I lit my cigarette

Taking a deep drag, I started to choke
Coughing and spitting blood is all I do
until the day you croak
At that moment, my wife entered.
all red and smoky
With a burning fury, she seemed consumed
“Billy, are you deaf?”
“Didn’t you hear a word
what the doctor said
If you smoked, would you be dead?

Shut up woman be real
it’s too late to change
what death has already sealed
I cover my head to muffle
the sound of cough
Hoping the kids don’t hear me
or are they around
Every breath is getting harder
for me to take
So afraid to sleep
I feel awake at night.

I feel scared when I see
a stone with my name on it
It’s a nightmare, this unhealthy habit.
Every time I cough, there is excruciating pain
in my throat and lungs
injected with morphine; I’m not up to date
when death comes
I have lived too long;

come sweet death please end
Death is the kind of ending that only I can understand.
Mockingly, says Death, “The raving words of the helpless,
in my ears better.”
Nicotine my hunter, your cock has served me well!”


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