And how does it benefit me?

Ventrilo (also known as Vent) is a voice communication program that allows users to connect to a central server and chat with other users much like a conference call. This is essentially voice over IP technology and in video game terms it can often mean the difference between a successful raid run and a complete cleanup. However, Ventrilo is not free; the server is going to cost you. Prices vary depending on the number of spaces (users) you need, the average estimate is approximately 15.00 USD per month for every 30 spaces. Teamspeak is another option, and for non-commercial end users it’s free; However, if you want a dedicated space, look in your wallet.

On the other hand, VOIP is certainly not exclusive to the world of video games, there are many providers and many free services that can meet your needs. Not everyone is going to need a 30-space conference system, you may only want to chat with 1 person at a time while doing missions! Windows Live Messenger offers free PC-to-PC VOIP and is also compatible with many other instant messaging systems. The key point to keep in mind when using VOIP to communicate during the game is to look for a program that requires minimal system resources to run; This will ensure that your game continues to run smoothly while chatting. It is also useful if the program itself has manual sound quality control, allowing users with a slower Internet connection to avoid lag in the game due to VOIP.

In the end, using a VOIP program can improve your online gaming experience. Ventrilo is definitely one of the major players in the industry, but it is not your only option.


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