In the future, computer games will be like entertainment centers in your living room. They will be so real, so realistic, that you will not be able to tell that you are really in a game. Almost like a dream; he would have to pinch himself to see if he was really awake or not. Of course, as more and more people join online gaming networks and communities, they will also exchange VR shows and scenarios with each other.

BASE jumpers digitally record their sports adventures and activities and sell them to others who can relive those experiences within the privacy of their own home. Those who do the digital recording will be able to sell these experiences for very small amounts of money and will compete with others who also have experiences, the online gaming community will rate each experience and that will help people to sell their digital recordings for the living rooms. virtual reality.

As you can see, this will also change the future of software licensing. In the future, the software license will not be expensive, it will be relatively cheap, and it will be sold through online networks and online referrals in the same way. A software program that is great, as well as a digital experience that is simply amazing, will sell for more money; maybe two dollars instead of one dollar. Can you start to see why some of the personal technology futurists (and I) predict changes in software licenses? Consider all of this.


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