Effective direct mail marketing brings in new leads and more business; good results and return on investment are possible. While online campaigns are getting a lot of attention, the growth of technology hasn’t hindered direct mail marketing. Instead, now the opportunities are improved. Here are 5 ways you can implement a successful direct marketing campaign that will generate leads.

1. Provide a link to your website

You may be using traditional print advertising (mass print or commercial), but that doesn’t mean you can’t integrate it into your online marketing campaigns. Not only should you provide a link to your website in your direct mail piece, but you can also provide an incentive to do so, such as a coupon placed on a specific page that the URL links to. This page may also include a signup form for your email list, offering future company news, coupons, and discounts.

Keep in mind that modern consumers are more likely to find your business through an online search. Anything you put in print advertising can be duplicated online to reach a different audience.

2. Improve the presentation

With email marketing, you’re limited to only a single sentence in the subject line, and no matter how strong your headline is, it might look like spam and end up never being seen. In a print ad, you can incorporate bold logos or images, or use your company colors to make the piece stand out, all visible at a glance. Compelling messaging and graphics make it less likely that your ad will end up in a recycling bin.

You can mix up your ad with fonts of different sizes and styles to show off particular areas of graphics and text that you want to emphasize. Depending on the part and packaging, you could even offer a small promotional item that would be useful, such as sticky notes, pens, letter openers, and whatever else the recipient might use when they’re most likely thinking about your product.

3. Make the content personal to the consumer

Take the time to study and get to know your target customer, and then personalize your message with offers and information that specifically appeal to them, right down to the packaging. Your content should directly address their needs, wants, and concerns. You can even further segment your recipients and send different pieces (with adjusted content) based on each segment. Don’t forget to include a powerful and compelling call to action, as well as an easy way to get more information and/or contact you.

4. Work with other companies

Consider product placement on television and in movies. The provider of the product is paying for the opportunity to “star” in a television show. They do this not only for increased visibility, but also for direct access to an audience, an audience that already uses similar products and already has an established level of loyalty to the show.

Business-to-business partnerships are all around us, from a movie release (and the merchandise that follows) to the box of brownie mix you buy that shows another company’s brand-name chocolate syrup on its box.

Small businesses can also do this. The purchase of a product or service may result in a coupon or discount for a partner company that, in turn, provides the same or a similar service for the parent company. This helps promote both businesses while saving ad dollars on both sides in the long run.

5. Connect with your other marketing campaigns

Combining your direct mail marketing program with other channels, such as social media or email marketing, allows for multiple “touches” and an expanded audience. A great example is the banner ads you receive that are full of coupons. Many of these companies simultaneously advertise these offers on social media and via email to stimulate interest. A prospective customer may throw away the paper coupon but notice the business email and take action (or vice versa).

Another option is to use custom URLs (PURLs) in your direct mail pieces. Your print piece provides a link to a web page (and/or a QR code) that would be set up specifically for that person (or segment). When the recipient visits this page, they see a personal greeting and information customized specifically for them.

To make your cross-media marketing campaign most effective, make sure your message is consistent across all channels, which means that all offers and claims about your business are the same in every “location.”

There’s no doubt that email promotions and online marketing have their benefits, but direct mail marketing isn’t just a thing of the past. It is still a rewarding strategy to reach a broad customer base and draw attention to your products and/or services. Consider these tips to make your direct mail marketing efforts more productive.


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