The woman wants to be loved and respected in any relationship, but if she can make her guy feel desperate for her all the time, she would love him even more. It’s not easy to keep your guy hooked on you, but you can learn ways to make him desperate just for you.

say just one word
You may use pet names, but they don’t compare to the exhilarating excitement you feel when you say their name, according to experts. Just hearing you say it is like an aphrodisiac as it signals that you are thinking of him and no one else and it works to develop a desire for him.

Have a mystery around you
The thing about men is that the less they know about you, the more they want to know you. He will like you more if you are a bit lazy and mysterious. He will be desperate to have sex with the intriguing woman and completely possess her.

accidentally touch it
The ‘power of the unexpected touch’ is immense and stimulating him when he is least ready establishes a physical connection that makes him want more. Look for moments to accidentally touch him, like rubbing against him when he reaches for the salt, and your guy will latch onto these moments of mini-thrills and crave more.

Get better results by making small changes
Make flashy changes to your appearance so your man will not only notice you, but burn with desire for you. He wears something different than your normal routine, maybe a mini skirt, skip the bra, give your hair a distinctive color, anything that appeals to them. Make visible changes that add novelty and keep your desires strong.

look at other guys
Catch the attention of other guys if you want to keep their passion for you. Your guy will want you more when he knows that every other man in the room is watching you. He will be turned on when he sees that other men want you.

Tease him with sexy text messages or promise him good sex if he comes home early. Delayed gratification makes him think and fantasize about you; by the time he’s home, he just wants those fantasies to come true.

The 3 ‘S’s
Surprise him with new things; bring variety to your sex life.
Smell: His smell excites him a lot, as the sense of smell is the basic sense to play on his emotions.
Space: When you are out of his reach and not there all the time, he misses you and loves you more.


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