Can I request a specific thickness for your jerky subscription slices?

A jerky subscription box is the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. You get a curated selection of mouthwatering small-batch craft jerkies each month that are sure to delight any snack lover.

A meat slicer is an investment worth considering if you’re serious about making your own jerky. It can help you fine-tune your recipes and experiment with different thicknesses.

Thickness of the Slices

Choosing the right thickness of meat for your jerky subscription will play a major role in the taste & texture of the final product. Thin slices (1/8″ to 1/4″) dry quickly & absorb marinade well. They also tend to be chewier & offer more natural meat flavor.

On the other hand, thicker slices are marathon runners, taking longer to dry but offering a heartier, more rustic texture that some jerky lovers swear by. It can be challenging to slice meat uniformly for jerky, but consistency is important since uneven drying causes uneven slicing.

You can achieve consistent, even slicing using a dedicated jerky slicing board that features a recessed area for the meat. This way, a knife is used parallel to the board and not against it, making the job much easier. Another option is to partially freeze the meat before slicing; this helps firm it up and reduces moisture that can cause jerky to spoil prematurely.

Thickness of the Meat

If you are a true jerky fanatic, it takes near-constant trips to the store to keep your pantry, cupboards, glove boxes, and pants pockets filled with this delicious meat snack. It can be difficult to not immediately devour your purchase upon returning home, so a subscription to a beef jerky maker who can deliver you an adequate amount regularly is an excellent idea.

This will allow you to stock up and have a steady supply of your favorite jerky while also allowing you to try a wide variety of unique, exciting flavors that are not available in stores. Plus, the ability to add a personalized gift note during checkout is a great feature to take advantage of!

The way in which you cut your meat for jerky plays a major role in the flavor & texture. For example, if you cut with the grain, you will produce a tougher, chewier jerky. However, if you cut against the grain, you will produce a softer, more tender jerky.

Thickness of the Strips

The thickness of the slices also plays a crucial role in how well the meat absorbs marinades and flavors. Thicker slices can revel in a deep infusion that creates a hearty bite, while thin strips absorb flavor more quickly and produce an intense burst with each chew.

Using a jerky slicing board or a jig designed specifically for meat slicing can help achieve consistent slices with minimal effort. This allows the slices to dry at a similar rate and prevents over-drying or under-drying of the meat.

For a great gift idea for a jerky lover, try a jerky subscription box. The options include flexible subscription choices and curated selections that focus on premium ingredients and distinctive flavors. JerkyGent offers a variety of handcrafted beef jerky from small-batch producers. They use American-raised beef and a range of spices and flavor profiles to deliver a unique taste experience. They offer two or four bags of jerky per month and include free shipping.

Thickness of the Edges

Whether you’re cutting elk, buffalo, or beef for your jerky, thickness plays a crucial role in how the meat dehydrates and what that ends up tasting like. Thin slices dry faster and tend to be chewier – ideal for those who enjoy a hearty, robust bite to their snack.

The thickness of the slices also plays a role in how the meat absorbs marinades and spices. Thick slices might take longer to soak in flavors but are great for those who want to savor their jerky experience.

Another factor is whether the slices are cut “with or against” the grain. The blue arrows in the image above illustrate the direction of the muscle fibers. When sliced WITH the grain (as shown in the first picture), the end result is a more rugged, chewy piece of jerky. Sliced AGAINST the grain, as shown in the second picture above, produces a softer jerky. Both options are delicious!


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