Whether you’re at work or playing, working on a slow computer can be a frustrating experience. Computers experience slowness for multiple reasons, including faulty hardware, pirated software, viruses, malware, and spyware, overloaded system registry, and disk fragmentation. Of these, an overloaded registry is the most common cause of poor computer performance. If your computer is filled with a lot of software, it is difficult and complex to fix slow computer performance.

A slow computer is a progressive problem that develops in stages. Initially, your computer may take a long time to start up. As the problem progresses, you will receive registry and performance errors. If ignored, the slowness will cause the operating system to hang and crash. A system crash may require a complete reinstallation of your operating system and reformatting of your drives. This will take time and means that you will need computer help from a professional.

There are a few ways that you can seek help from a professional. You can take your computer to a computer repair shop or service. After a few days and a few hundred dollars, your computer will usually be fixed.

Have a few days and a few hundred dollars to fix your slow computer?

Another more logical solution for a slow computer is to use an online registry cleaner. Most of the reputable companies charge less than sixty dollars, do the repairs while your computer stays at home, and even guarantee that their repairs will have a positive impact on the speed of your computers.

While viruses, malware, and spyware are found alongside illegal or spam software, most malware cleaners or antivirus software can easily remove all threats to a computer and slightly increase the speed of the computer. Registry overloads are rarely detected and result in a progressive decline in computer performance to the point where the system is no longer usable.

A good registry cleaner will scan your registry and give you a detailed report of errors and redundant entries that can be removed for free. Typical registry problems that slow down a computer are caused by failed installations or incomplete uninstallation of the program. They help speed up the startup of the computer and increase the speed of the computer during normal operation. Registry cleaners also offer an ‘online computer fix’ service where your registry is scanned and appropriate actions are suggested. Also, many online registry cleaners offer spyware removal as part of their service.


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