For quite some time now, there has been another source of news that people need to pay attention to, and this source is often referred to as alternative media. Unlike mainstream media outlets, this source generally spreads its news online.

So if someone wants to hear more from this source of information, they just need to have some sort of device. They will then be able to read articles and watch videos, as well as tune in to live broadcasts.

The difference

It can be normal for someone to believe that while the mainstream media is full of lies, the alternative media is only interested in the truth. One is then real news and the other is ‘fake news’.

If this is the case, there will be no reason for them to question what this source comes from. Therefore, they will only have to be on their guard if they are paying attention to the mainstream media.

clear cut

The mainstream media would have given you drops of truth, but the alternative media will give you wave after wave of truth. They may even have moments when they wonder why anyone would pay attention to any other source.

One is going to have a direct line to the truth and these people will be disappointed by the people above. The news you are exposed to will be brought to you by people who have no connection to these people.

Step back

However, while there will be people who only pay attention to one of these news sources, there will be others who believe that one is no better (or worse) than the other. One could be seen to be full of lies, while the other could be seen to be sprinkled with truth.

As the alternative media reveals more, it’s easy to conclude that this source is radically different than the other. In a way, it will be like having a friend who lies more or less all the time and another friend who only lies at certain times.

The contrast

The problem is that if someone only compares what they are hearing through the alternative media with what is happening in the mainstream media, there will be no reason for them to notice what is going on. Much of what you hear from alternative media will reflect what’s going on in the world, but usually it will only go so far.

With this in mind, if someone has been deprived of real information due to paying attention to the mainstream media for most of their life, the alternative media will be extremely refreshing. Still, if one stays with this and goes no further, it will be like a fly caught in a web made of rotten meat: it will be better than a normal spider web, but the fly will still be trapped.

controlled opposition

They will think they know exactly what is going on and this will be the perfect setting for the people at the top. These people would have known that there would be people who would question things, so they had to come up with a way to keep these kinds of people distracted.

It can seem like the people who work for them just come out of nowhere and appear to be different, creating the impression that they are nothing like the people who work for the mainstream media. For example, they can just create videos in a small room or hide their face.

two ends

Much of the mainstream media leans to the left and is generally supportive of Islam. Alternative media, on the other hand, tend to be right-wing and often critical of Islam.

Along with this, the former is often critical of Israel, while the latter rarely has anything bad to say about it. In fact, they often have a lot of good things to say about this part of the world.

The result

Ergo, it may be normal for someone to believe that Islam is not the problem if they pay attention to the mainstream media and for someone to believe that it is the problem if they listen to the alternative media. What’s interesting about this is that there are a number of people who are part of the alternative media who started out with different points of view.

At first, these people did not have much to say about Islam; what they mainly talked about was Zionism. The question then is: did these people change their views because they were wrong, or was there another reason this happened?

Lies lies and more lies

So one has to wonder why so much attention has been placed on this religion in recent years; Is this religion, along with the people who practice it, being used to distract the masses from what is really going on behind the scenes? This is very similar to what can happen in an abusive relationship, where the abuser goes to great lengths to make people believe that he is the victim and his partner is the abuser.

What is clear is that many of the alternative media sources are not going to take a closer look at this issue. They have found his target and all of his energy will continue to be directed at him.


Due to the number of lies told by both traditional and alternative media, it can be incredibly difficult to know what is true and what is not. However, what is not so difficult is for someone to define how he behaves and whether or not he will be caught up in what these sources are selling.

Through how they behave and what they focus on, they can make the world a better place or they can add more drama to it. This is something one has to decide for oneself.


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