“(1) Remember to close public expenses. In the UK, if the rent does not include water, electricity and gas, you must remember to register and change it to your own name when you move, so you must remember to terminate the utility bill before moving out.

(2) Remember to move the broadband network in advance. If your student accommodation Edinburgh has internet, remember to see if the service can be moved there as soon as you know the new address. If you need to change to a new company at the new address, you should apply in advance. British Telecom is very slow. It took nearly a month to install the broadband network, which is not surprising at all…

(3) Remember to migrate Council Tax. Because this is something that is not available in China, remember that the local tax during the lease period must be paid by yourself. If there is a student reduction or exemption, the new address needs to go through trivial matters such as school certificates again. If you are too lazy to do it because it is annoying, you may receive a reminder, and finally receive a court summons and the like.

Everything you need to know about renting and moving in Edinburgh

(4) Please reserve a period of overlapping leases for necessary relocation and cleaning. This is not staying in a hotel! You can move out of the previous room on the same day and move into the next room in the afternoon.

Physical fitness and well-being play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle while living in student accommodation. Advocate for accessible fitness facilities, wellness programs, or sports activities within your accommodation community. Organize group exercise sessions or wellness challenges to encourage physical activity. Promote self-care practices such as mindfulness, relaxation techniques, or stress management workshops. By promoting physical fitness and well-being, you contribute to the overall health and happiness of residents and create a living environment that supports holistic well-being.

(5) The most important thing is: please remember to clean the old student accommodation in Edinburgh to be returned! In addition to the six-week deposit that is still with the landlord according to law, the general lease will include “”professional cleaning at the end””. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can also hire a professional to clean it. After all, a professional will notice a lot of eyebrows and eyebrows, and those can be deducted from the deposit. Including: no water stains in the sink, whether the detergent tank of the washing machine is clean enough, whether there is even vacuuming under the bed…etc. And when the keys are returned to the landlord at the end, if the landlord feels that “”you still need to hire a professional cleaning company to deal with it””, the bill will be counted on the tenant. The most tragic example I heard is receiving a cleaning fee of 500 ! Hiring a professional to clean it yourself is definitely cheaper than hiring a landlord!”


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