How can anyone effectively lead until/unless they are able to consistently entice builds (current and potential) to follow because they believe he has what it takes to make a quality difference for the better? Unfortunately, some in leadership positions attempt to do so, spouting empty rhetoric and/or making populist statements/suggestions. However, what often sets a true leader apart from the rest of the pack is whether he can motivate, inspire and engage these individuals through quality leadership! With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss 5 keys to effective and valuable engagement.

1. Absolute integrity: You either proceed with absolute integrity, or you fail to truly lead! Remember, there is always someone watching, especially these days, social media etc! Why does someone, wanting to listen, and/or believe, anything, someone who lacks this, articulate? If you hope to attract people, you must clearly demonstrate, in a consistent manner, that you are worthy/deserving of their following.

2. genuine empathy: For most people, their favorite sound is the sound of their own voice. If you hope to be a true leader, you must proceed, with the commitment and discipline, to let others dominate the conversations, because they like to listen to themselves too! When one proceeds, listens effectively, and learns from every conversation and experience, one gains knowledge and hopefully understanding/care, which helps one move on, onward, with greater experience, judgment, and hopefully wisdom! It is important to put yourself in the shoes of others and proceed with the highest degree of genuine empathy, consistently!

3. Align words with actions: Empty rhetoric won’t do it! Great leadership comes from aligning one’s words with their actions, and ensuring that these benefit stakeholders and the organization more than any personal/political agenda and/or self-interest.

4. Vibrant and Vibrant Vision: What makes one person more suitable to be a leader than another? While there are several factors, one of the essential ones is the inspiring and motivating aspects of your vital and vibrant vision and if others perceive your strategic and action plans as relevant, sustainable and positive, game changer!

5. Discipline/ Commitment/ Effort: True leaders must have the right mix of discipline, commitment, and quality of effort if they want to attract others—consistent! It means the discipline, to continue, the right path, despite the obstacles, and the commitment and persistence to endure! Measure a potential leader if you have reason to believe that he will proceed with efforts that make a difference for the better!

Will you be able to attract voters to you? Are you up for the task?


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