Women are really good at sending mixed signals. They say one thing and do another, sometimes just joking and other times surprisingly direct. It all leads to massive confusion for us men. Women are also frustrated by it. They don’t know why a man can’t read his signs. Let’s take a look at how you can be sure that she is interested in you.

Focus on what you want first

The way to eliminate flaky behavior and woman teasing is to go after what you want. At first, this means that you shouldn’t look too much at her signs. Some women flirt just to get attention.

When you approach these women with everything you’ve got, she won’t even know what hit her. She didn’t expect to feel this way about you. She was just playing for fun. You feel attracted to her, so you go after her. When you focus on your needs and desires, you won’t be as vulnerable to teasing from her. This also works on women who are shy. Shy women also send mixed signals.

she catches your eye

The first thing most women do is try to attract his attention to them. If she’s really into it, she can do some really wacky things. Like what? Leave something in front of you. Crouch in front of you. Walk close to you or stand close to you. Find excuses to get closer to you. Spin her hair, and many other things.

Do you have his warning?

Don’t always look for the little details. If a woman is standing there talking to you, then she is interested. If she’s asking you questions, she’s interested. If she laughs at your jokes, then she’s interested. These are signs that state the obvious. What is the obvious? You have their attention.

she makes time for you

Why do some women always seem to be too busy for you? Because they are not interested in you. No woman is too busy with someone she is attracted to or where the potential for love exists. A woman will always make time for you if she is interested. She’ll change her schedule for you, she’ll get someone to work her shift, she’ll do just about anything to be with you if she thinks you’re worth it.

she tests you

Some women test men constantly. This is not always a bad thing because it means that she is interested in you. What is a test? It’s often a question where she’s trying to challenge you or trap you in a lie. Here are some examples: How many girlfriends have you had? I don’t like the way you dress? Why do you work there?

she tries to relate to you

I once had a woman who said that we had the same credit card. She thought that was just amazing. I thought she was crazy. It was a way of trying to relate to me and create a good relationship. Sometimes she will point out some very minor similarities between the two of you. Keep an eye out for them because it means that she is very into you.


Some women may indicate that they will be submissive to you. You can often tell by her body language or the way she looks at you. She will almost appear weak in the knees. For example, if you shake her hand, she may almost rest her hand directly on top of yours. It will be almost as if he wants to hold your hand. Another common thing that you will see is that she leans towards you a lot, trying to touch you and stand closer to you.


What you choose to do with these signs is ultimately up to you. Most men don’t do anything and that’s why they don’t date or have a girlfriend. So you can be a nothing man or a something man. It really depends on you.


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