We see posters everywhere. When we are on the street, it tells us where to go. When we’re at the park, it reminds us to clean up after our pets. If we visit unknown territories, it warns us of the danger that exists in the area.

The signs are very helpful. However, many ignore it. There are people who continue to use their mobile phones even when they are at a gas station. Some still smoke even if there is a no smoking sign. Many do not take note of the signs because they do not realize their importance.

There are many reasons why we have to follow safety signs. Here are five of them:

1. It will keep you safe. Signs provide information about the area you are entering. If the building has areas that you should not visit, you will see a sign telling you to leave. It also gives notice. If the surface is hot, a sign will alert you so you can take precautionary measures if you ever need to touch the surface.

2. It will keep others safe. Keep in mind that your actions will affect others. For example, a warning sign tells you that the room contains highly flammable substances. It prohibits you from using your lighter or any fire starter. Yet you took it for granted. You lit a cigarette and it caused the fire to break out.

The above incident will not only endanger you, but also put everyone in the area at risk. You are sure that someone will be able to stop the spread of the fire.

3. It will keep you out of trouble. There are signs that remind you of the law. On the streets, for example, a sign will tell you to slow down. There are also signs that will tell you that you are about to enter a school zone. Following these signs will keep you out of trouble. You won’t get a speeding ticket and you’ll help keep kids safe.

4. It will direct you to a safe place. There are safety signs that give instructions on what to do in times of emergency. There are signs that tell you where the drinking water is. The signs also indicate how far you are from the next gas station.

One of the most important signs you need to find is the exit. When you arrive at a building, it is important that you see visible signs of where the security exits are. Fire exit or emergency exits are very important because you never know when an emergency will happen.

5. It will help society to find order. Imagine what will happen if everyone in the community refuses to follow the signs. People will cross anywhere on the streets even if it is prohibited. People will dump their waste anywhere. Lastly, they won’t care about the warning signs, leading to a very chaotic neighborhood.

It is important to follow the signs because it is mainly for the welfare of the people. If the establishment or the government don’t care about the people, then they wouldn’t go out of their way to put up those signs.


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