water heater repair

There are many issues that can cause water heater problems, and it’s best to call a plumber when they happen. You don’t want to deal with the potential health hazards of a gas leak or flooding damage that can occur. A qualified Phoenix plumber will be able to pinpoint the problem quickly and help you resolve it as soon as possible.

Water heaters are prone to wear and tear, and a little regular maintenance can help them last longer. Typical maintenance includes flushing the tank at least once per year, checking the temperature and pressure relief valve, and replacing the anode rod on a periodic basis. Homeowners can also slow down the aging process by insulating exposed hot water pipes and installing low-flow fixtures throughout the home.

A good rule of thumb is that a Phoenix water heater repair should last 9 years without needing repairs or replacement. However, the exact lifespan of a unit will depend on how much water is used, where it’s used, and the quality of the installation and materials. If a water heater is nearing the end of its life, it’s likely more cost-effective to replace it rather than repair it. A new water heater will also be more energy efficient and offer significant savings on your utility bill.

How long does a typical water heater repair take to complete?

Typically, the most common water heater issues involve problems with hot water supply. There are a number of potential causes for this issue, including burning-out heating elements or defective thermocouples, as well as faulty gas valves or electrical issues. It’s important to have these issues addressed as quickly as possible to prevent the water heater from leaking or bursting, which can lead to extensive damage and create hazardous living conditions in the home or business.

Another common problem is low water pressure. This can make it difficult to take a shower or wash dishes, and it may not be easy to rinse hair products or soap scum from tubs or sinks. The solution for this issue is usually as simple as a filter or nozzle replacement, but if there are other issues present, the plumbing contractor will need to check the unit thoroughly.

Finally, it’s also important to keep in mind that a smelly water heater is often an indicator of bacterial buildup or a faulty anode rod. If you notice that your water is starting to smell, it’s a good idea to contact the Phoenix plumbing contractors right away for a water heater inspection.

Whether you’re experiencing an emergency situation that requires immediate attention or are just interested in getting your water heater serviced, it’s helpful to know how long a typical Phoenix water heater repair should take to complete. While it’s true that parts are fairly affordable, the total repair cost will likely be higher than what you might expect. This is because of the labor and time required to complete a thorough water heater repair. A licensed plumbing professional will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate of the costs before starting the job.


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