It would be nice to customize your Sony PSP screen just like you would on a Windows desktop, wouldn’t it? Well, actually you can, if you are willing to use an unlicensed homemade app on your PSP. I know, you’ve probably heard of some homebrew apps that “lock” the PSP. Believe me, those are not just scary stories, they have actually happened to some unfortunate and inexperienced users. However, the free app that you can use to load themes onto your PSP is apparently safe, although it’s always good to be very careful when it comes to unlicensed versions.

The free app I’m talking about is called ThemePSP v1.2, which should only be used on a PSP running on firmware 1.5. If you don’t know the firmware version of your PSP or what “firmware” actually means, then I don’t recommend using this app as your portable player could end up being a brick. But if you feel comfortable enough to use it, then ThemePSP v1.2 can be used to update theme packs on your PSP screen to give you new custom backgrounds, font styles, colors, and more.

If you are interested in downloading a copy of this free application for your PSP, I suggest you visit the QJ.Net forums, the Quick Jump Network discussion forum. You may have to register on the forum to access some features, but registration is free and only takes a couple of minutes to complete. To find the app, go to the PSP Homebrew Discussion subforum and search for the ThemePSP thread.

The same thread is where you can find many user-submitted theme packs that you can download for free on your PSP. The files are not actually found on the forum pages. Instead, the thread contains a long list of links to available PSP theme pack files. Not all of these links may work and the variety is limited to what others have created and uploaded. But there are still a number of interesting free downloads, especially for those who want PSP themes focused on games (Legend of Zelda, Mortal Kombat), TV shows (The Simpsons, Prison Break), movies (The Matrix, Spiderman) and bands. hard rock (Metallica, Linkin Park). There is also a theme creator available for people who want to create their own PSP themes.

By the way, there is a website called that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the ThemePSP v1.2 mod. is simply a website that offers free PSP wallpaper downloads in a variety of categories. That is simple and safe enough for anyone to do it. Although ThemePSP v1.2 seems harmless, it does make some modifications to your PSP system. If you are nervous about using it, you can download a free wallpaper for your PSP.


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