Computer game tester jobs can be rewarding and lucrative, but very rarely is a prospect told about the “dark side” or the unattractive side. It always comes gift wrapped and is sold as:

• Earn $100 dollars playing video games a couple of hours a day

• No grades needed

• If you are good at playing video games, earn money for doing what you like

• You set your own hours

• You will never have to worry about your bills again

The list goes on, but I’ll stop there. There is probably some truth to some of the above points, but what marketers don’t tell you is the ‘real’, ‘dark’ or ‘not sexy’ side of the job. Not everything is glamorous as they want you to believe. In fact, the mere fact that it’s called a job should be a huge clue.

Game tester jobs are easy portals through which you can enter the gaming industry, but they are also quite competitive. They are also the ‘janitorial jobs’ of the gaming industry. Without a doubt, the money is earned further up the ladder. However, we all have a calling in life and there is nothing wrong with starting at the bottom and working your way up; indeed that is very noble.

That said, once you establish yourself on the gaming industry portal as a game tester, you will need to earn your status and show that you are not only a good game tester, but also show the potential to climb the ladder. So here are some tips to accomplish just that:

1. Know what you’re getting into. Ask someone who is already or has been in the industry, research the companies and the games they have produced. Also check out consumer reviews on previous games. With this knowledge you have already eliminated part of your competition. You can also plan your angle of attack to get ahead of the competition.

2. Let ‘Bugs’ and ‘Glitches’ become your friends. By this I mean, develop your skill to such a level that you can even get ahead of these ‘bugs’ in the software. This will put you head and shoulders above your competition. This is also the quality that your quality control manager will use to evaluate (judge/evaluate) his performance.

3. As you develop your practical skills, be sure to keep up with your certification records. These can be achieved online or by physically attending courses. Remember that you don’t want to stay on the bottom rung for too long, you want to move up to higher levels where you’ll be able to call the shots and mentor new game testers coming in.


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