Whether they are teenagers or retirees, college professors or housewives, doctors or lawyers, Indian or Latina, mothers around the world are proving that they can be sexy.

When a teenager is pregnant, it can never be a comfortable situation. Whether the father stays with her or not, a teenage mother can never truly be prepared for the responsibilities of parenting. Most of these pregnancies are likely to be unintended; This often results in plans or even the abandonment of goals. So it’s heartwarming to see teen moms manage to not only stay healthy and progress in their lives, but keep their appeal as well. Some, like young celebrities like Solange Knowles, are blessed with financial and parental support, but teen mothers shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. Support groups are out there, so ask; You can get back on your feet, go back to school, and still look good.

Older moms shouldn’t be left behind either. As societies around the world have become more health conscious, we see older people taking steps to stay fit and look good. Some moms in the 60-plus age group are giving their younger affiliates stiff competition. Whether it’s through pleats, lifts, good genes, or exercise, older moms look good too. The ability to get instant information on all types of products, both natural and synthetic, invasive and non-invasive procedures, and opinions on what constitutes sexy, beautiful, and attractive has fueled this growing trend.

Then there are the moms who are professionals. The sixties favored the world with the advent of gender equality. Women have shown that they are all that. Over the last forty years or so, we have seen the evolution of the super woman. These super moms are amazing, they are astronauts like Ellen Baker, college professors like Sara Seager, first moms like Michelle Obama, work-at-home moms like Cyndi Webb, and so much more. Somehow these women excel at providing for their families, creating business opportunities, influencing young minds, and doing all of this while looking attractive.

There are tons of examples of women of all ages and races just doing it. You don’t have to be a celebrity either. Just look around your neighborhood and I’m sure you can find fabulous moms who are black, white, plus-size, skinny, athletic, or dainty who have refused to acknowledge that they are scruffy. They have realized something and on this mother’s day we must show them our gratitude not only for contributing to our development, but also for doing it, making it pleasing to the eye and especially to the soul.

Sons and daughters, hug your sexy mom!


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