Accessible Yoga Training School

Online yoga teacher training allows students to learn in a place of their choosing, without the time commitment and expense of traveling to an in-person program. Students can also adjust their presentation volume and worksheet font size on their device so they can participate in class with ease and clarity.

However, there are many considerations to consider when selecting an online yoga teacher training program. It is important to look for a school that is experienced in teaching to all abilities, offers one-on-one live contact with instructors and students, and has a community vibe.

One Accessible Yoga Teacher Training Online program that has a focus on inclusivity is Shine Yoga Teacher Training Online. This RYT-200 certification includes a comprehensive curriculum that explores intelligent sequencing, anatomy and the subtle energy bodies, and studies over 100 asanas. Students also receive instruction in restorative and yin yoga, self-assists, prenatal yoga, trauma-informed yoga, and more. Additionally, the program emphasizes inclusive teaching and addressing social equity and dismantling privilege.

Online Courses: Accessible Yoga Training School

Another online yoga teacher training that provides students with a well-rounded education is Yoga for All. This RYT-200 certification offers students the opportunity to learn how to teach yoga to all ability levels, including those with physical and cognitive challenges. Students will receive extensive instruction on adaptive yoga asana, adapted meditation and breathing, the history of yoga and the three doshas, and how to create Ayurvedic wellness plans. This online yoga teacher training also includes a special workshop on how to teach yoga to different populations, such as youth, seniors, and prenatal.

In addition, the online Yoga for All teacher training program incorporates an immersive experience that takes place in a natural setting with meals provided and guided by guest teachers such as Dee Jones and O Zotique. The ten-day retreat is designed to help students find balance and inner strength, allowing them to leave the training feeling empowered and capable of leading a safe and welcoming class for all students.

It’s also important to remember that a lot of disabilities and limitations don’t show on the outside. It’s critical to have a clear, open dialogue in class so that everyone can feel included and empowered to practice yoga. This means avoiding language like “easy” and “hard,” as well as keeping a calm, compassionate energy in the classroom to encourage a safe environment for all of your students.


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