Maui Fire Lawyers

The apocalyptic Maui fires have left behind physical and emotional destruction for thousands of people. Hundreds of homes have been lost, and many more will need to be rebuilt or replaced. People’s priceless possessions and beloved pets or livestock were incinerated, and for some, everything they had spent a lifetime earning, gathering, saving and cherishing has been taken from them. The community has been profoundly impacted by these catastrophic events, with visitor numbers expected to decline significantly for some time and the economy requiring massive rebuilding.

The economic impact of the Maui fire lawyers will be felt by more than just those who lost their homes, but also by local businesses. The loss of hotels and vacation rental units has created a gap in income that can not be easily filled by other business. Workers in the tourism industry are now out of work, and it will take time for them to find new jobs. This will cause a ripple effect throughout the economy of Hawaii, as workers in other industries must be brought on board to fill the gaps.

Maui residents who were displaced have been seeking help from government and private entities. The most immediate problem for those displaced is finding temporary housing. The lack of permanent housing has led to a jump in unemployment claims in the wake of the wildfires, as well as a rise in demand for food stamps and other public assistance. Many families are now living on the brink of poverty, and some have already started to resign from their jobs due to the uncertainty of whether they will be able to continue working.

The Success Rate of Wildfire Cases Handled by Maui Fire Lawyers

Several lawsuits have been filed by victims of the fires, with one by Morgan & Morgan claiming that Hawaiian Electric caused the fires by failing to shut off power when high winds from Hurricane Dora and drought-like conditions made the region prone to fires. The law firm alleges that the utility knew that its overhead power lines posed a fire risk and the potential for damage to the grid during extreme weather, but failed to make sure they were properly de-energized when needed.

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The suit alleges that the company’s failure to de-energize its lines was especially egregious because it knew or should have known that the National Weather Service was forecasting high winds and a potential for severe fire dangers during Hurricane Dora’s passage through Hawaii. It cites other instances in which the utility failed to upgrade its infrastructure and adequately address fire hazards.

Catastrophic wildfire cases, like the one against Hawaiian Electric, typically span years and require enormous legal and expert resources. Our powerhouse team of Hawaii’s top trial lawyers, rated among the best in the state, will fiercely pursue justice for our clients. We are also fortunate to be collaborating on this case with two other West Coast powerhouse law firms that have successfully tried wildfire cases against regional utilities.


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