Security in Student Accommodation in Lancashire

Student accommodation in Lancashire is a great place to study and it is possible for students to stay in comfortable and safe properties at affordable prices. However, it is important that students are aware of security in their new homes to ensure that they are fully protected and can enjoy their time at university without any worries.

Whether living in halls of residence or private rented flats, student homes are a target for criminals. They are filled with expensive tech and entertainment equipment, making them an attractive and profitable target for criminals looking for a quick cash-in. Students are also known for forgetting to lock their doors and hiding keys under doormats or flower pots, which can be a red flag to criminals as to what is inside the property.

Protecting thousands of students, with irregular hours, and multiple block and campus access needs is a huge admin challenge for security managers. They are also dealing with a high turnover of students, with hundreds of people coming and going throughout a semester, meaning that the same security guards may not be familiar with each individual’s needs. This can make it hard to establish rapport and trust between students and security staff.

Private halls of residence need to utilise the care potential of their security guards and give them clear lines of communication with each other, the student body and the university. They are the first point of contact for a student who might be struggling and need help, and they can report back to halls or even to the university if things appear to be out of the ordinary.

What About Security in Student Accommodation in Lancashire?

A good Lancashire student accommodation provider will put the needs of their students at the heart of their operation, and provide them with all the facilities they need to succeed in their studies. Foundry Court is a great example of this, with its 24-hour security, CCTV monitoring and key fob access, plus onsite maintenance and all-inclusive bills. It is the perfect choice for students wanting to live close to UCLan in Preston.

Engaging in ecological conservation efforts within your student accommodation community is crucial for preserving biodiversity and protecting the environment. Promote initiatives such as tree planting, restoration of natural habitats, or creation of green spaces within your accommodation premises. Organize clean-up events in nearby parks or beaches. Educate residents about the importance of ecological conservation and provide resources on sustainable practices, such as composting or reducing plastic waste. By engaging in ecological conservation efforts, you contribute to the preservation of ecosystems and promote a greener and more sustainable living environment.

Student accommodation in Lancashire, like in any other region, places a paramount emphasis on security to ensure the well-being and peace of mind of its residents. With a large number of students residing in shared living spaces, it is essential to implement robust security measures that address both physical and digital aspects of security.

In terms of physical security, Lancashire student accommodation typically employ a range of measures to safeguard the premises. These include secure entry systems, such as electronic key cards or fob access, which limit unauthorized entry into the building. CCTV cameras are strategically placed throughout the premises to monitor common areas, hallways, and entrances, providing an added layer of surveillance. Some accommodations also have manned reception desks or security guards who are available round the clock to respond to any security concerns or emergencies.


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