Having a new baby will be a great fit for everyone, but especially the first child, especially if it is just a toddler. Young children have not yet fully understood the concept of sharing, especially the attention of their parents.

While children have different reactions to a new sibling, here are some effective ways to introduce your child to a new baby that will make the process easier:

Introduce your brother to him even before the baby is born.

Experts recommend that you involve your firstborn as soon as possible so that you have plenty of time to adjust. Show him pictures of the ultrasound, take him to prenatal visits if possible to listen to the heartbeat and let him touch your baby’s beat and feel the kicks. It would be fun to listen to music and talk together too. This will help your child get excited about the new baby.

Make the first meeting memorable

Once the baby is born, one of the things to look forward to is the first meeting of your children. To make it memorable for everyone, especially your first child, have your husband or a family member take you on a “fun date” before you go to the hospital to meet your brother. Take him to a nearby park to play or get him ice cream; being in a good mood before the reunion will help create positive associations with the baby.

It would also help if your new baby “gives” a simple gift to your older child. A new book or new toy and saying “congratulations on being a big brother / sister” will make you look more like the newest addition to your life.

Involve you in caring for the baby.

Kids love having jobs to do, it helps them have that sense of accomplishment. Find little ways to involve your older child in caring for the baby. Have him show off his favorite toy, sing a song, or even throw away a dirty diaper. This will make you feel like you are not being left out despite all the changes that are taking place.

Aside from these tips, be sure to make your older child feel like they’re not being replaced. Have the rest of the family focus on him during times when he needs to focus on the baby so he knows that he still loves him and that he hasn’t changed much.


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